July 05, 2007

EU commisioner talks sense!

Amazing, Trade Commisioner Peter Mandelson is talking sense.

"Biofuel policy is not ultimately an industrial policy or an agricultural policy -- it is an environmental policy, driven above all by the greenest outcomes," Mandelson said in notes for a speech to a biofuels conference in Brussels later on Thursday.

"Europe should be open to accepting that we will import a large part of our biofuel resources...We should certainly not contemplate favouring EU production of biofuels with a weak carbon performance if we can import cheaper, cleaner biofuels."

Actually advocating producing stuff where it can be produced most efficiently rather than protectionism. Now there is a turn up for the books, but don't expect anything to actually come of it, there is no way a heresy like that would get past the Eurocracy as it would mean slaughtering a sacred (but TB infected) cow for the EU, the CAP.


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